Your Guide To Manuka Honey

Your guide to manuka UMF honey gold standard

Your Guide to UMF™ Manuka Honey: Understanding the Gold Standard

UMF™ Manuka honey is renowned for its exceptional quality and potency, backed by the New Zealand government. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of UMF™ Manuka honey, helping you distinguish between genuine quality and mere marketing hype.

The UMF™ Manuka Honey Rating System: Understanding the Numbers

The UMF number is a crucial indicator of the unique compounds found in Manuka honey, ensuring its purity and quality. These compounds include Leptosperin, DHA, and Methylglyoxal (MGO), all of which play a significant role in determining the honey’s grade.

Leptosperin: The Signature of Authenticity

Leptosperin is a key marker found in the nectar of Manuka flowers. It is the most important characteristic that distinguishes Manuka honey from other types of honey, serving as a reliable indicator of its authenticity and quality.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA): The Precursor to MGO

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a natural plant compound present in the nectar of Manuka flowers. Over time, DHA converts to MGO in Manuka honey as it matures, contributing to its unique properties and health benefits.

Methylglyoxal (MGO): The Antibacterial Powerhouse

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the primary compound responsible for the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey. It forms the basis of the UMF™ grading system, indicating the potency and effectiveness of the honey.

Four-Factor Quality Testing: Ensuring Authenticity and Potency

The UMFHA standard is the only one that tests for four key elements of Manuka honey: Potency, Authenticity, Shelf Life, and Freshness. This comprehensive testing process guarantees that you are getting a high-quality and genuine product.

Traceability at Its Best: From Hive to Jar

Tiaki Honey offers full traceability of its Manuka honey, allowing you to track the journey of your honey from hive to jar. Simply enter the batch number on our website to access detailed information about the honey’s origin and testing results.

Choosing the Right UMF Level: Matching Your Needs with the Right Honey

Tiaki Honey provides certified MGO levels on every jar of Manuka honey, helping you make an informed choice. Higher MGO concentrations are associated with increased antibacterial properties, ensuring that you receive maximum health benefits.

  • UMF 5+ Manuka Honey: Suitable for mild antibacterial benefits and general wellness support. It is ideal for topical application on minor wounds and burns, as well as for daily dietary use.
  • UMF 10+ Manuka Honey: Offers stronger antibacterial properties and enhanced therapeutic benefits. It is effective for wound healing, digestive health support, and immune system reinforcement.
  • UMF 15+ Manuka Honey: Recommended for potent antibacterial action and targeted therapeutic effects. It is suitable for advanced wound care, gastrointestinal health management, and immune support.
  • UMF 20+ Manuka Honey: The top-tier choice for maximum strength antibacterial properties and intensive therapeutic benefits. It is ideal for advanced wound healing, immune reinforcement, and gastrointestinal health management.

In conclusion, UMF™ Manuka honey is a premium product that offers exceptional quality and health benefits. By understanding the UMF™ rating system and choosing the right honey for your needs, you can enjoy the unique properties of Manuka honey and its many advantages for your health and well-being.

f you’re in search of premium honey, our selection of UMF™ Manuka Honey is a must-see.


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