Clover Honey (500g)

Tiaki Clover honey 500g – the most popular honey in New Zealand is a type of monofloral honey made from the nectar of pristine clover flowers.

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Tiaki Clover Honey (500g)

Clover honey is a type of monofloral honey that is made by honeybees collecting nectar from clover flowers. It is sourced from pristine pastures in New Zealand’s Southern Island, which is known for its remote location and lack of pollution.

Bees are attracted to both red and white clover because they offer a high amount of nectar. However, some studies suggest that white clover may provide bees with a higher level of energy-giving sugars.

Tiaki Clover Honey Taste

Clover honey has a mild taste and is almost white in color with a sweet floral aroma, making it a popular choice for tea, coffee, and dessert sweeteners. It has a slightly more complex flavor than normal table sugar.

Clover Honey Health Benefits

Clover honey has unique health-promoting properties, such as antibacterial qualities and a soothing effect on sore throats. It is commonly used in cold and cough medicines and home remedies. It is also an effective antibacterial dressing for wounds because bacteria cannot develop resistance to honey.

Clover honey is high in anti-inflammatory flavanol and phenolic acid antioxidants. Flavanols may improve heart and lung health, whereas phenolic acids strengthen the central nervous system. It also contains pollen, which may stimulate the immune system, decrease inflammation, and protect the liver from free radical damage.

Our unpasteurized and unfiltered raw clover honey is a healthy choice as it is richer in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than pasteurized varieties.

Ethical Honey Production

Tiaki Clover Honey is sustainably sourced and harvested in an ethical way that preserves the natural environment of New Zealand and supports local communities.

Our honey is traceable from the hive to your jar and you can feel confident knowing exactly where your honey came from and how it was produced.

With every jar of Tiaki New Zealand Clover Honey, you are not only indulging in a delicious treat but are also supporting sustainable and responsible beekeeping practices.


100% New Zealand Clover Honey

Honey Storage

Honey should not be chilled. Keeping your honey in the refrigerator preserves it but the cool temperatures will cause your honey to form a semi-solid mass, so this method of storage is not recommended.

Keep away from direct sunlight and store the jar upright in a cool, dry place. When stored correctly honey will never spoil, it may, however, change color (from clear to cloudy) or texture (thicker and grainier) over time

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